Specialty Facials

Microderm Abrasion $65
A Non-invasive exfoliation treatment which helps to repair the skin by reducing the appearance of acne scars, decongesting clogged pores, and restoring a healthier, smoother skin while helping to fight the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation.
Microderm Abrasion & Circadia Peel $99
Service includes a Microderm Abrasion as described above along with one of the following peels.

Modifier Jessner

Mandeliclear w/ Vit. A Accelerator
Lactic (35 - 45%)
Alpha Beta
Circadia Enzyme Treatments $65
Our Enzyme treatments are quick acting, combined with the beautiful smell of chocolate or raspberry. Both have specific applications for each skin condition enabling instant exfoliation, brightening and rebuilding of your skin.
A renewing treatment for use on inflamed acne, rosaccea, pigmented, aged or sun-damaged skin and sensitive skin. This extraordinary smoothing and exfoliating treatment favors the elimination of superficial cells, breaking, breaking down the keratin buildup, improving oxygenation and cellular renewal of skin that is sensitive or subject to irritation.
Circadia's Enzyme Treatments are formulated with a powder and liquid to be activated at the time of use. This ensures the ingredients are at their most efficient state to achieve the best results.
Circadia Oxygen Treatments $104
The new Circadia Oxygen Rx system is formulated to deliver a measured and controlled amount of oxygen to the skin. The system will be maximally beneficial to the skin while minimizing risk of free radical damage.
Circadia's Unique Oxygen Treatment Repair by:

Nourishing the skin
Increasing energy metabolism
Aiding in Collagen Production
Strengthening Blood Vessels
Reducing Bacteria & Inflammation
Circadia SWiCH Treatments $104
Who says you're only young once?
Circadia's SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation Treatment is a breakthrough treatment that leaves the skin luminious, healthier, clearer, and firmer with balanced skin tone.
Cellular turnover can increase up to 25% in some clients! This is a specialized chemical treatment that forces the skin to repair from the inside out without damage to the surface. This means NO PEELING OR DOWNTIME! Your skin literally begins to act as if it were 10-15 years younger!
Back Facial (w/o Extractions - w/Extractions) $70-$80
This relaxing treatment is designed to cleanse and purify the back, neck and shoulders. A customized mask clarifies and refines the skin texture, leaving skin radiant, while a mini massage relives stress and soothes muscles.
($80 service includes extractions of blackheads).
Body Wrap $89
Firm, tighten and detoxify with our SlimSpa Body Wraps! Takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours. Be sure to drink lots of water before and after having a wrap. (results are more visible with a series).
Body Wrap w/European Facial $110
Enjoy a European Facial while you are detoxifying with our SlimSpa Wrap!